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partner & more AG

partner & more is a specialist for mobile services that consults mobile operators in the field of marketing, business development and technology. The enterprise has been founded in Switzerland in 2011 and has managed in spite of its young age, to become a leading expert in field of telecommunications, Internet, media and entertainment. partner & more offers products and intermediate products such as Voice Portals, Messaging, Applications (Web-Apps and Native Apps) and advises clients with the implementation of their business ideas. Since the founding of partner & more, the company has experienced a steady growth and now operates in many countries of Europe, Latin America, North America and Africa. What drives us? We want to shape the future of mobile supported information as the main player with the efficiency of a lean organization and short decision-making process. Though only founded a few years ago, our teams combine decades long of experiences in TIMES markets and work professionally at linking communication and information/entertainment. We have international ambitions, which are also representative of our location in Switzerland…>> about us

and wish to monetize on it, but your budget doesn’t allow for investments? We implement innovative services based on revenue share models. Fast, flexible and easy. What does it mean for you? It means for you, no investment for you and break-even from day one. partner & more helps you reach your revenue goals without worries about OPEX-, CAPEX-, IT – or Network-Budget and thus the activation of your projects. All you need to do is set you business goals, provide us with a few key information about your customer base and we will calculate your share for you. With us you’ll reach profitability with your first milestone, which is on the same day you’ll lauch your product. You can achieve this with no feasibility, no cost calculation and without facing lengthy processes. Our service commitment to you, is focusing on your goals. Your KPIs is always on our mind.


Your business is going through a series of changes and you need short-term external resources or impulses? Benefit from our expertise in the areas of marketing, business development and technology. We support and accompany you during the conception, implementation and optimization process of your products..
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2016 – Trends & Innovations

So far 2016 has been quite an eventful year. Former NSA agent Edward Snowden revelation about the extent of government mass surveillance has led Instant Messenger Whatsapp to focus on completing end-to-end encryption. Now users you can chat and send attachments to colleagues, family and friends without compromising their privacy. …
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Trends & Innovations

Quote“We help you reach your goals – without having to worry about affordability”